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One of the best ways to support WyoAIDS is to make a one-time, or if you're feeling extra generous, a reoccurring donation. One dollar is a lot of money and can make an incredible difference in the life of a Wyomingite with HIV/AIDS!

If you aren't in a place to make a donation there are other great ways to support WyoAIDS. Below you'll find some marketing materials, copy and paste promotional text, and a few cool 'internet things' that will help you spread the word, just like the social links below!

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The Stilettos!

Below you'll find the Stilettos logo, as well as pictures and illustrations of th queens!

Full logo with white background.

Stilettos Logo


Ms. Sophonda Coxxx
(Illustration coming soon!)

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Oblivia Queen of D'Clueless - Facebook

Ms. Martina Gras