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We Provide Financial Assistance To Men, Women, And Children Living With HIV/AIDS in Wyoming.


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We’re Dedicated To Helping Wyomingites Living With HIV/AIDS in Wyoming!

For over 15 years, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS in the state of Wyoming. To date we have raised over $200,000 to assist HIV/AIDS positive people with their medical, dental, vision, and mental health care costs. Your generosity has helped countless people avoid eviction, gain access to purified water, and pay for expenses that insurance or other assistance programs don’t cover.


There Are So Many Ways to Lend a Helping Hand

Our donators are generous. The Queens are fab. But you don’t have to be either to help a Wyomingite living with HIV/AIDS. It takes a lot of helping hands to do what we do — and they’re all volunteers!

Volunteer help is invaluable to WyoAIDS. Everyone from the board to the folks who clean up after DQB are all volunteering our time and skills (yep, even me, your friendly neighborhood webmaster).

Best of all, you can help too!

It’s easy, just share WyoAIDS on your socials or tell a friend about what we do. Most of our support comes from word of mouth — never underestimate the value of something as simple sharing! If you feel like you can do more, volunteering your time or skills can make a huge difference. Especially around Drag Queen Bingo time!

If you’d like to find out how you can help send us an email or fill out the form below and tell us how you can help!

We can always use help with:

Drag Queen Bingo Event Volunteers

The Drag Queen Bingo fundraising event takes no small amount of setup, management, and cleanup. It’s important that the event goes smoothly each year and for that we often need a little extra hep. If you’re able to help setup, clean up, or can help in other ways please let us know in an email or by filling out the form below.

Prizes & Give Aways

Each year we stock up on prizes, gifts, and other goodies for Drag Queen Bingo and you can help. Donations are always gratefully received from businesses and individuals alike. Prizes and gifts can be purchased or homemade, if the latter, please include ingredients, instructions, or any other important information. Finally, if you can stuff envelopes, set tables, or check I.D.’s let us know!

Thank you so much for your interest!

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Our Board

Members of the WAA board are volunteers and do not receive compensation. We are dedicated to providing assistance to all Wyoming residents living with HIV/AIDS.


A founding member of WyoAIDS Walk (and one of the Stilettos), Jim has been doing HIV prevention work in Wyoming since the mid-90’s. He was previously on the boards for the Albany County AIDS Project and Laramie Reproductive Health. He has spent time as certified HIV tester and counselor, as well as serving previously on the HIV Materials Review Committee.


A Wyoming native, Scott brings a passion for non-profit work and working with underserved populations throughout Wyoming. With Wyo AIDS Assistance, Scott hopes to diversify the programs and presentations we offer, develop fundraising efforts and increase community awareness and support.


Bill Hankins has been working in the non-profit sector professionally, and as a volunteer, for over 15 years. Bill developed a strong sense of devotion for the nonprofit sector while serving on various Advisory Boards throughout the state of Wyoming. As a small town business owner Bill developed a love for Wyoming and his community. These experiences give Bill a deep appreciation of how nonprofits seek to improve the quality of life for people in Wyoming; one program at a time.

Drag Queen Bingo

Laramie, Wyoming

April 29th, 2020

Our Partners & Sponsors

Wyoming Equality strives to achieve equity for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, and queer Wyomingites by building broad and inclusive communities, shifting the hearts and minds of our neighbors, and achieving policy victories. Find out more at WyomingEquality.Org

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