Drag Queen Bingo 2019

This is not your grandmother's church parlor bingo, it's...

Heroes And Villains!

Join The Stilettos this April 27th, in the Laramie Hilton Garden Inn's Ballroom, for a night of glitz, glamour, and good times! But be warned, this isn't your grandmother's bingo, this is a rude, crude, tipsy-time hosted by your very own Stilettos!

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ticket checkins will be at the door, ticket not requireD

Drag Queen Bingo?

 It's Queens, hosting Bingo, for charity & it's rated R!


It began as the official after-party for the Wyoming AIDS Walk in 2002, but over the years Drag Queen Bingo has grown into the social event of the season. Now a stand-alone fundraiser, we've raised as much at bingo as the walk itself — and with your help, we hope to raise more!

Don't miss out on this uproarious night of comedy, music, and madness with your hosts, The Stilettos!

It's Bingo. It's fun. But it's not for kids! Drag Queen bingo is a raunchy good time with salty language, dirty jokes, and booze-a-plenty, parental discretion is advised!

The Queens!


Ms. Martina Gras

She’s the mouth from the south, the *ahem* “biggest” diva you’ll ever love… Miss Martina Gras! You won’t find a diva with a bigger heart than this voluptuous beauty.

When she’s not reminding Livi to breathe or posting bail for Sophie’s latest solicitation charge, she’s raising money for a good cause, being there for those in need, and inventing creative new cocktails. Lots of cocktails.

Oblivia, Queen of the Clueless

The youngest Stiletto is a queen unknown the world over for her quick wit and love of all things shiny. She puts the dim in dementia and the fun in dysfunctional. While she spins the Gerbiltron 3000, the hamster in her own wheel has long been dead… Oblivia, Queen of the Clueless!

Ms. Sophonda Coxxx

Last but not least... The third Stiletto is a lovely and talented young lady from just about every corner on Colfax.

She’s a friend to every man in here… or will be by the end of the night! Just don’t forget to bring her back when you’re finished with her. She is, and always will be, Ms. Sophonda Coxxx!


The Stilettos have been hosting Drag Queen Bingo for over a decade. They were born in 2006 when they hosted "Laramie's First Homegrown Drag Show" at the Cowboy Saloon. (Yes, the one with the mechanical bull.) There was standing room only, and they raised over $800 for the Rainbow Resource Center at the University of Wyoming. When Alexandra Winters and Chamblee Tucker could no longer come from Denver to host bingo, the Stilettos stepped up... and the rest is drag history. Though they all live in different towns these days, Marti, Livi, and Sophie still come together every year to entertain, inspire, and raise a few dollars for a great cause.

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But we Couldn't do it alone! A special thanks to our...

Friends & Supporters

We couldn't put on an event like Drag Queen Bingo without a little help from our friends. They collect prizes, help with planning, organize the pre-show, and help bring some polish and shine to the event. Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers!


Ambrosia Beaverhausen

(of the Saskatoon Beaverhausens) was born into the lap of luxury, which instilled in her a lifelong love of luxury, and of laps. Expelled from only the best boarding schools, she developed interests in fashion, theater, and chilled drinks. She’s fonder of a stiff drink than a … handsome man, and often employs the phrase “If you aren’t being served in a frosted glass, then don’t come within four feet of my lips."


Temple Ceiling

Tattoo addict. Father of two. Part time Dictator, and Flea Market Megatron. Temple Ceiling is the fiercest Mormon Drag Queen you will ever meet outside of Relief Society! She can hang with the Elders and cook with the Sisters. Temple will make you sweat, but you’ll never see her glisten. When asked what her greatest regret in life is, she said, “I can’t seem to master a good jello salad, and I hate it when I’m about to hug someone gorgeous and my face hits the mirror”.



His music has been making bingo-goers groove for over a decade, and is the reason the intermissions turned into dance breaks. Sensei always brings an extra dose of style, and music that you just can't get out of your head.

Homegrown Talent Pre-Show

Want to be a part of the show? Since 2013, Drag kings Oscar Jackson and Darian Xavier have been hosting the Homegrown Talent Pre-Show before bingo! They entertain and educate the crowd, warming them up before the Stilettos take the stage. Aspiring kings and queens can submit the form below to sign up to strut your stuff! Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.